Many people who come to my office for various cosmetic treatments have been silently contemplating doing “something” about the way they look aside from makeup or the plethora of cosmetic products available through the Bloomies and MAC stores. They tried to conceal their acne scars, their fine wrinkles, their freckles, brown spots. They even tried to “fix” or shadow more pigmented areas of their skin or areas of laxity and concavity with products advertised in magazines, newspapers and the wide media (Television, radio. internet, etc.)

They come to me feeling a bit embarassed saying “I’m really not the type of person who goes for plastic surgery”. It is becoming more and more accepted in today’s society to seek to look how one feels physically. The advances in modern medicine and health consciouness have created a healthier society with greater awareness of preservation of a healthy and therefore younger looking body. I have lost count over the number of patients who say to me “I am in my late thirties and the younger people in my work place are getting ahead simply because they look younger.” In a more aggressive and competitive fast moving world (especially in New York City), it is helpful to show that you are energetic and young to fit in. So, how do we do that without taking you out of your workplace with prolonged healing time or great discomfort (“downtime”). How do we make sure that it is a natural change that does’nt look like you ‘had something done’.
“I don’t want to look like Joan Rivers or Priscilla Presley”, “I cannot have my friends know I had work done”, “My face is my business card”, “Will anyone at work know about the treatment”; These are common statements I hear when discussing the various options with my patients.
The field of cosmetic surgery and cosmetic treatment has been costantly moving in the direction of less downtime and the longest possible results. Technological advances in biology, chemistry and physics allow us to offer treatments that have minimal downtime but offer long term results.
Some treatments require maintenance and some offer permanent improvement.

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