High definition video and high resolution photography have transformed our lives, creating true to life imagery.
One of the things you will notice when you look at your HD photo or video, is the fine details of your skin as if you were looking thru a magnifying lens.

Now you can see chicken pox scratches that have scarred, marks and scars from teenage acne or just larger skin pore size developed with age. We conceal blemishes made from prolonged sun exposure like brown or red spots, veins and rough skin texture because we aim to achieve a smooth and flawless skin surface. The same things we usually try to cover up with make-up or thick foundations are now treatable with Laser resurfacing.

Aside from prudent skin care such as moisturizers, medical formulations to brighten the skin and sunscreen protection, there are ways in which your facial plastic surgeon can help you improve the texture of your skin. Microdermabrasion is a chemical way in which the superficial layers of the skin are removed allowing for rejuvenation of the layers underneath. Chemical peels create a chemical injury that forces the skin to “resurface” itself by repairing itself. This is an art form which requires expertise and is not an exact science. Chemical peels may achieve superficial or deeper and longer lasting results depending on the type of chemical used and the length of time for which the skin is exposed to the chemical.

Laser resurfacing and tightening works a bit differently employing by using light and heat to create a more precise type of change that is adjustable depending on the skin thickness, color and tone. Laser technology has evolved from treatments that used to create long down times to multiple treatments that cause little downtime and are very effective. Laser treatments can achieve reduction in fine wrinkles, skin discoloration, surface contour irregularities, acne scarring and scars to a cosmetically natural type of result.

A call to our office is all it takes to healthier rejuvenated skin.

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