The most commonly recognized cosmetic product in the market is Botox. A most versatile product with some of the safest and most remarkable results for frown lines, crow’s feet (smile lines on the sides of the eyes), marionette lines (the smoker’s lines around the lips), spasm of the eyelid muscles, crooked smiles, lines under the eyes but also as treatment for headaches, profuse sweating and TMJ pain. Botox is a proprietary product by a company called Allergan that has shown its safety and efficacy following a rigorous process of approval through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It has a local effect on the muscles that create wrinkles in the skin and thus smoothens the wrinkles for a period of six to nine months. Botox has recently received negative attention in the press for the wrong reasons.

Knockoffs of Botox that have not passed the scrutiny of the FDA approval process have been used by untrained, sometimes NON medical personnel to treat patients with products brought into the country illegaly from abroad. The materials used have systemic effects and in those specific cases, the full arm of the law has caught up with malpractitioners. Botox remains a safe and effective product for all those who wish to see results soon after treatment (usually 48-72 hours after injection) without any associated downtime and one of the lowest chances for any type of side effects compared to any other minimally invasive cosmetic treatment. You want to have your Botox treatment 3 days to a week prior to an event in order to enjoy the full effect of its cosmetic improvement. Normally there is nearly no bruising so the treatment can be done literally at lunch time and you can get back to work without anyone noticing you had any treatment done.

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