Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

Corrects: Size or shape of nose.

Length of Procedure: 1-2 hours

Number of Treatments: 1

Longevity: Permanent

Recovery Time: Within 1 week-10 days

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You probably call this very popular form of surgery a “nose job surgery” nyc but most surgeons prefer the medical term, rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty nyc obviously has cosmetic aspects, as the nose is among our most pronounced facial features. At the same time, however, the nose is also an important sensory organ that is crucial for breathing.

Dagan MD is here to insure rhinoplasty nyc is performed by the finest board certified and fellowship trained surgeon available; our physician is fully committed to providing the best possible results in terms of both your appearance and your overall health and well being and has been selected as one of the leading surgeons in his specialty across the globe. Rhinoplasty is a complex procedure that calls on all the talents of a facial plastic surgeon, from the ability to sculpt a nose that is attractive in combination with the rest of your facial features, to being able to work with the interior structures of the nose so that the patient’s breathing and sense of smell are at their best. The term facial plastic surgeon is distinct and different from a general plastic surgeon. Facial plastic surgeons undergo training as Ear Nose and Throat specialists first followed by fellowship specialization in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Dagan has completed two post specialty fellowships in skull base and craniomaxillary surgery as well as facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. Dr. Dagan is the first surgeon to develop 3-D printing technology to recreate cartilaginous parts for nasal; reconstruction and has been featured nationally on TV as well as in the print media for his work in 2015.

The roots of rhinoplasty nyc go back to ancient India, but the renowned Dr. Tal Dagan is on top of the latest advancements in this fast moving field. In particular, rhinoplasty recovery is often far more rapid than it was just a few years ago and our surgeon can ensure that your new nose is functional and ready for public display in the least possible time. That’s not all, in some cases, non-surgical rhinoplasty may be an option. In these non-invasive procedures, the shape of the nose can be changed simply through injections.

Of course, no two noses are exactly alike and deciding which type of rhinoplasty you need is a matter to discuss with a qualified facial plastic surgeon. Our outstanding facial plastic surgeon will be delighted to meet with you for a consultation.

For patients who are concerned with nose job cost, while some rhinoplasty procedures may be deemed medically necessary, strictly cosmetic operations are not usually covered by medical insurance.Our highly knowledgeable consultants will be happy to discuss how procedures not covered by insurance can still be made very affordable, even on a budget and what costs may be covered by insurance if any.

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