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Great doctor, I am super satisfied with my cosmetic surgical results, I would recommend to anyone.

The doctor performed a non invasive manhattan lift on me and i love it. everyone asks me if i went on vacation or if i lost weight! he was very professional and his assistant is the best. i highly recommend dr. dagan to everyone seeking cosmetic help.

Dr Dagan was my third nose job surgeon. Out of all three I was most pleased and satisfied with Dr. Dagan’s patience, knowledge and work. He takes him time to make sure I understood what can be done realistically and what can not. He is far from greedy like some other plastic surgeons. His staff is also very caring and you never have to wait to see him. Dr. Dagan thanks for the nice nose!

I had nasolabial folds and acne scarring. Previous fillers had left my right side less full than my left. I had 4 syringes, more in the right side than left. I am very happy with the results. I noticed immediate improvement, with more over the time. I have not had any adverse reactions. It’s been 2 years and I don’t need a touch up. It hurt more than other fillers but was worth it. I noticed many of the unhappy users had injections around the eyes, which isn’t suggested for Artefill. The skin is too thin. Side effects are possible and likely.

Dr. Dagan is very honest about the services that are needed. He likes to keep you looking natural, but beautiful.

Loved it! Really clear breakdown of expectations and everyone is super friendly.

Finding the best facial plastic surgeon in NYC doesn’t have to be a challenge. Dr. Tal Dagan is a leader in the field of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. By making an appointment with Dr. Tal Dagan, clients can rest assured that they are in good hands.

Dr. Tal Dagan’s work has been featured on CBS, FOX News, and New York Daily News, and the Huffington Post. In addition, facial plastic surgeon Dr. Tal Dagan has been recognized by the North Carolina Museum of Natural History in its section on technological breakthroughs in medicine. His experience ranges, but he has a special interest in facial volumization and rejuvenation, making him a top facial plastic surgeon in NYC. Dr. Tal Dagan is renowned for using his expertise in combination with minimally invasive procedures to achieve the results his patients desire in the head and neck areas.


NYC Facial Plastic Surgeon Tal Dagan, MD, FACS

A leader in the field of Otolaryngology head and neck surgery, facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Tal Dagan has developed breakthrough techniques including minimally invasive surgical and non-surgical procedures including the liquid facelift (non-surgical) and 90 minute seamless (surgical) mini facelift nyc, new minimally invasive brow lift and forehead lift techniques. Dr. Dagan has become renowned for his groundbreaking use of 3-D Printing and scanning techniques to successfully design and build a new nose for a boy from the Marshall Islands. His work was featured on CBS feature news, FOX News, the NY daily news, the Huffington Post and he was recognized by the North Carolina Museum of Natural History in their highlight section on technological breakthroughs in medicine. Although his special interest is facial rejuvenation, Dr. Dagan applies his experience with minimally invasive procedures to ENT, head and neck.

Dr. Dagan performs hundreds of surgical procedures per year. His training and expertise include all aspects of otolaryngology head and neck surgery, facial plastic and reconstructive surgery including state of the art minimally invasive nonsurgical procedures.

Our NYC Facial Plastic Surgeon Practice

As a top NYC facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Tal Dagan prides himself on not only his expertise but his practice as a whole. This is because Dagan MD is a premier practice that offers a wide range of facial plastic procedures.

Dagan MD offers facial plastic and reconstructive, non-facial cosmetic procedures, ENT services, a sinus and allergy center and a hearing and balance center in midtown Manhattan. We offer the convenience of a local medical office, flexible hours and prompt appointment scheduling. Our practice features state-of-the-art treatments like the Balloon Sinuplasty, the latest breakthrough in long lasting relief from sinus symptoms to facial rejuvenation and makeovers as well as the latest in medical technology for the treatment of hearing and balance. Dagan MD provides executive screening and other health services to employees of NBC Universal, Bank of American, JP Morgan, Bloomberg Association, Axa equities and many other Manhattan based firms.

Located in midtown Manhattan, Dagan MD has an easy-to-locate office with flexible hours, and getting an appointment is a phone call or click away. Dagan MD is within walking distance of the 4, 5, 6, E, N, R, W, B, D, F, and M subway lines, and accessible via the Madison Avenue bus lines as well.

At Dagan MD, everyone from the staff to Dr. Tal Dagan himself ensures that their clientele is completely satisfied from start to finish. During the consultation process, comfort is a top priority, and Dagan MD makes sure that clients walk away with all of the information they need to make the best decision regarding their particular procedure.

Each client is treated with the utmost respect and courtesy as soon as he or she walks through the door. Dagan MD recommends that all clients print and fill out the required forms after booking an appointment or fill them out online prior to their consultation. Clients will have a scheduled pre-appointment phone call with a Patient Care Coordinator before their actual appointment. The goal is to further understand each client’s individual needs in detail prior to the consultation. In addition, clients gain a better understanding of Dagan MD, as well as Dr. Tal Dagan’s background and specialty.

Clients who have had previous surgery are asked to bring pre-operative photographs and any medical records of their surgery to their appointment. They may also want to consider thinking about their overall goals and any questions they may have before the consultation.

Once the consultation day arrives, clients meet with Dr. Tal Dagan, as well as the Patient Care Coordinator or physician assistant, who will act as the point person through the meeting and surgery scheduling process. The consultation gives clients the opportunity to discuss their personal goals with Dr. Tal Dagan, and ask any questions before moving forward.

Dr. Tal Dagan uses photo imaging technology during his consultations to provide his clients with virtual before-and-after images for review. Once this has been conducted, the Patient Care Coordinator or physician assistant will address potential surgery scheduling dates, preferred surgery centers, and procedural fees. In total, the consultation will take at least one hour.

Best Facial Plastic Surgeon in NYC, Dr. Tal Dagan MD

Facial Plastic Surgery Technology & Advancements

Although sophisticated medical technology is already available in current health systems, further advances are constantly being made. As a result of the addition of medical nanotechnology to existing knowledge of molecular and cellular biology, it seems likely that new, more personalised, more accurate and more rapid diagnostic and new treatment techniques will be devised in the future. Dr. Dagan adopts the most innovative and advanced technological break through in treating a variety of conditions to help overcome existing challenges of care and improve on existing methods. The aim is to significantly improve quality of life and self-esteem for many individuals.

Adoptation of latest technologies employing, laser, radiofrequency, ultrasound, plasma energy, micro needling allows for tailored care for various skin and weight conditions.

The latest in body contouring is here – you know about liposuction, cool lipo, smart lipo, ultrasound lipo, waterjet lipo – all techniques to remove fat in one invasive way or another. If you are looking to sculpt, tone and smooth cellulite, Dagan MD now has the non-invasive non-destructive solution. Our office is equipped with some of the most advanced body sculpting technology currently available, and we are proud to announce that we are one of few practices in the United States now offering Bella Contour body shaping treatments for reducing cellulite and contouring the body.


The Best Facial Plastic Surgeon in New York for Facelifts

As a premier facial plastic surgeon in NYC, Dr. Tal Dagan specializes in many different types of facelifts, ranging from the Manhattan Lift to the Phantom Lift, which were developed by the doctor himself. The most popular procedures are done under local anesthesia without the need for general anesthesia, reducing the risk of complications.

Whether clients are interested in a minimally invasive facelift or cosmetic rhinoplasty, Dr. Tal Dagan is up to the task, and the team at Dagan MD is prepared to deliver only the best service from start to finish. Those who are interested in finding a facial plastic surgeon in NYC turn to Dr. Tal Dagan for his expertise, as well as his honesty, compassion, and general good nature. All of these characteristics make him one of the most sought-after aesthetic surgeons in the business.


Should I Get Botox?

The most commonly recognized cosmetic product in the market is Botox. A most versatile product with some of the safest and most remarkable results for frown lines, crow’s feet (smile lines on the sides of the eyes), marionette lines (the smoker’s lines around the lips), spasm of the eyelid muscles, crooked smiles, lines under the eyes but also as treatment for headaches, profuse sweating and TMJ pain. Botox is a proprietary product by a company called Allergan that has shown its safety and efficacy following a rigorous process of approval through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

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