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Great doctor, I am super satisfied with my cosmetic surgical results, I would recommend to anyone.

The doctor performed a non invasive manhattan lift on me and i love it. everyone asks me if i went on vacation or if i lost weight! he was very professional and his assistant is the best. i highly recommend dr. dagan to everyone seeking cosmetic help.

Dr Dagan was my third nose job surgeon. Out of all three I was most pleased and satisfied with Dr. Dagan’s patience, knowledge and work. He takes him time to make sure I understood what can be done realistically and what can not. He is far from greedy like some other plastic surgeons. His staff is also very caring and you never have to wait to see him. Dr. Dagan thanks for the nice nose!

I had nasolabial folds and acne scarring. Previous fillers had left my right side less full than my left. I had 4 syringes, more in the right side than left. I am very happy with the results. I noticed immediate improvement, with more over the time. I have not had any adverse reactions. It’s been 2 years and I don’t need a touch up. It hurt more than other fillers but was worth it. I noticed many of the unhappy users had injections around the eyes, which isn’t suggested for Artefill. The skin is too thin. Side effects are possible and likely.

Dr. Dagan is very honest about the services that are needed. He likes to keep you looking natural, but beautiful.

Loved it! Really clear breakdown of expectations and everyone is super friendly.

Have you had previous facial or nasal surgery:

6 + 14 =

Email your photographs.

Dr. Dagan will need good quality pre-operative photos taken from 7 angles preferably against a solid color background in a well lit room. The photos should include close-ups of the face with both side views and three-quarter views, one forward facing showing no expression, one forward facing smiling, and one with the head tilted back, showing the base of the nose. Please follow the examples below as reference.

Aim the source of light so that there are no shadows on the face. Ensure to save the photo files in a jpeg (.JPG) or .PNG format. Email them to Be sure to include your name in the email.

Include details of any previous facial or nasal surgery, your goals and/or concerns.

If you have had previous facial or nasal surgery, please be sure to attach your old operative reports for Dr. Dagan to review. If you do not have these records in your possession, you can obtain them by requesting them from your previous surgeon(s).

Schedule and Fee

Once Dr. Dagan reviews your photos, comments and relevant documents, and determines you are a potential candidate for the procedure, a member of our staff will contact you and guide you further regarding participation in an online consultation or will arrange for an in-office meeting. In order to have a tele-consultation, you will need a high speed internet connection and a telephone in order to participate. It is useful to havea front facing camera on your device to facilitate the consultation. There is a $175 consultation fee which will be payable by credit card prior to the consultation. The online consultation will take up to 30 minutes.