Fee Policy & Agreement

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Fee Policy & AgreementWhat’s Included

Surgical fees quoted to our patients include not only Dr. Dagan’s professional fee, but also include the fees for the surgery center and for the anesthesia and recovery room teams, if needed. These fees do NOT include the cost of the pre-anesthetic exam or any additional testing or lab work required since these services are determined by those providing such services and who are not affiliated with Dagan Cosmetic Surgery, P.C.

About the Consult Fee

In appreciation of our patients who book surgery within 30 days of the initial consult, the cost of the consultation will be credited toward your total bill. Surgery itself does not need to take place within 30 days, only the booking of a surgery date. This credit does not apply to in-office procedures such as injections (e.g., Botox, Restylane, Radiesse, etc.) and IPL treatments.

Fee Guarantee

Written fee quotes are guaranteed for 90 days from the time of initial consultation to the time that surgery is scheduled. After 90 days our fees are subject to change. Of course, if this occurs, you will be notified of the new fee structure. Again, surgery itself does not need to take place within 90 days, only the booking of a surgery date.


Due to the considerable expense our practice incurs if surgery is cancelled on short notice, if you cancel surgery or need to change dates within two weeks of the scheduled procedure, you will be subject to a fee of $1000.00 or 50% of the surgical fee (whichever is less). Certain exceptions may apply, and this policy does not apply when medical conditions require changing or canceling surgery.