The Consultation Experience

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What to Expect

We strive to make your consultation experience with New york facial cosmetic surgeon Dr. Dagan as comfortable and informative as possible. We understand that some individuals may be nervous or shy about revealing their personal aesthetic goals to others. Also, we understand that the process of making a decision about a treatment affecting your

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appearance can be quite daunting, therefore it is important to Dr. Dagan and staff that you feel at ease during your visit and are provided with all the information you need to make an informed decision regarding your care. Dr. Dagan possesses an unassuming and easy manner that makes him a natural communicator and educator—qualities that our patients appreciate. You will find that these qualities are shared by all in our staff, so you will be treated with the utmost courtesy and respect at all points of the consultation experience.

So that you can know what to expect, we have proceeded to outline each step of the process for you:

Before the consultation

When you have made an appointment to see us, we encourage you to print and fill out the forms or fill them out online through the link on our website ahead of time to make the most of your time in the office on your consultation day. You will have a scheduled pre-appointment phone call with our Patient Care Coordinator prior to your appointment. Our Patient Care Coordinator will be your contact person in our practice throughout your time with us. This pre-appointment is important so that we can begin to gain information about your unique needs and priorities. This will help us to shape the consultation into a personal and customized experience for you. It is also an opportunity for you to find out more about Dr. Dagan and the practice ahead of time. If you have had previous surgery please bring pre-operative photographs and any medical records of the surgery (particularly the operative note). You may request this information from your previous doctor. Prior to your consultation, we encourage you to think about your overall goals and questions you may have. We have compiled extensive information about the various procedures we offer throughout our website.

The Consultation Experience

Consultations in our office begin in our relaxing reception area, where ice water, coffee and specialty teas and refreshments are available while Dr. Dagan prepares for your assessment. During consultations with Dr. Dagan, you will first have the opportunity to meet with our Patient Care Coordinator or physician assistant who will act as your point person through the consultation and surgery scheduling process. Our Patient Care Coordinator will then guide you through two different sets of photographs. At this point in time, you will then meet with Dr. Dagan to discuss your aesthetic goals, as well as any clinical questions you may have regarding your procedure. After you’ve been assessed, you may join Dr. Dagan in his office where he will utilize photo imaging technology in order provide some virtual before and after images for you to review. After your photo morphing session with Dr. Dagan, you will rejoin our Patient Care Coordinator to discuss potential surgery scheduling dates, our preferred surgery centers, and procedural fees. You should allow at least an hour for your cosmetic consultation with Dr. Dagan.

After the consultation

Once you’ve had the opportunity to visit our office, you are welcome to follow up with our Patient Care Coordinator to schedule your procedure. Dr. Dagan performs his surgeries at New York’s finest specialty hospitals, New York Eye and Ear Infirmary, part of the Mount Sinai Healthcare system and at Manhattan Eye Ear Throat Hospital and Lenox Hill Hospitals, affiliated with the Northwell Healthcare system. We will do our best to accommodate you on your ideal date; but it is best to have a few dates in mind that will work with your schedule, as Dr. Dagan’s surgical calendar will fill quickly. If you have any questions, concerns, or feel you need more information regarding your procedure – we welcome you to return for a complimentary follow up consultation. For a secondary visit please allow for a half an hour in our office. At this time, many patients will often bring loved ones in to meet Dr. Dagan and usually re-review their before and after images. We also have a secure online chat feature through the Klara Platform. IT allows you to chat on your cellphone just like text messaging with our staff and have all your questions answered on days you are too busy making an appointment. Patients seeking additional information regarding insurance benefits will receive a follow up analysis of their benefits within 5 business days after their consultation.