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Scar formation occurs following wound healing from either a traumatic or a surgical intervention. The aesthetic appearance of a scar is the most important criteria to judge the surgical outcome. An understanding of the anatomy and wound healing along with experience, meticulous planning and technique can reduce complications and improve the surgical outcome. Scar revision does not erase a scar but helps to make it less noticeable and more acceptable.

We use both surgical and non-surgical techniques, used either alone or in combination for scar revision. In planning a scar revision Dr. Dagan decides on when to act and the type of technique to use for scar revision to get an aesthetically pleasing outcome.


Here at Dagan MD, we're committed to helping you look and feel your best after undergoing one of our
signature minimally-invasive facelift surgeries. We take great care to discuss your individual facelift needs
and come up with a comprehensive surgical plan for you. Our board-certified team of facelift experts will
work alongside you to envision results with the help of Dr. Tal Dagan's acclaimed 3D printing visualization
techniques. If you choose Dagan MD for your facelift in NYC, you can rest assured that your recovery time
will be a fraction of the recovery time for traditional facelift techniques.

Let us help you get started looking and feeling years younger in no time. Call us today at (212) 585-3242
to schedule a consultation or use our online form to contact us for more information.


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