Fat Transfer

Corrects: Folds, lips, frown lines, facial and cheek re-contouring, brow lifting, fixing hollows under the eyes,volumizing hollowed areas anywhere in the body.

Length of Procedure: 1 hour depending on sites

Number of Treatments: Variable, usually requires repeat treatments

Longevity: 2 years (results may vary)

Recovery Time: 1–4 days

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Fat injection, otherwise known as autologous fat transplantation, transfers fat from one part of the body to another. This is an excellent solution for face re-contouring, frown lines, crow’s feet, nasolabial folds and adding definition to the chin and cheeks. It also acts as excellent filler for scars that are depressed or any area that seems hollow or devoid of volume. Fat transfer may not be a permanent solution because the fat is naturally reabsorbed back into the body but several treatments may yield results that can be very long-lasting.

Fat is harvested from a donor site (Belly button, buttock, thigh, etc,) after a local anesthetic a tumescent solution is injected to the donor site to help facilitate the fat collection. Fat is then withdrawn through a small needle, processed to remove extra fluids, and re-injected into the new site in thin strands. Overfilling is necessary because some of the fat is reabsorbed weeks after the treatment. Fat for this procedure can also be harvested during liposuction.

This is an excellent solution for patients with allergies and sensitivity to other products because it is harvested from the patient so it can’t be rejected. There are no visible scars produced from this procedure. Fat transfer is performed under local anesthesia in the office and has minimal downtime.

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