Poly-L-Lactic Acid (PLLA)

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AKA: Sculptra

Corrects: Nasolabial folds, fills flattened cheeks, fills volume in sucked in cheeks, returns volume to sunken eyes.

Length of Procedure: Less than 1 hour

Number of Treatments: 2-3 treatments (more may be required with advanced fat loss)

Longevity: 2-5 years (may last even longer)

Recovery Time: Minimal bruising for 4-5 days camouflaged by makeup

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PLLA has several characteristics that make it unique and revolutionary among the rejuvenative injectible products. It not only infuses the necessary volume from areas that make us look aged and tired but also increases the skin thickness which helps to create a more naturally youthful appearance. It is well known that as we age our skin becomes thinner, drier with less luster. PLLA treatment makes our appearance not only improved from the inside (volume), but also on the outside with the return of sheen to a thicker healthier and younger looking skin.

Sculptra is used for the reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, contour deformities and volumetric deficiencies of the face, cheeks and lips. It combats the signs of aging, development anomalies and even certain diseases.

Injections are performed in the office and usually in under an hour. This product works differently from fillers. PLLA injection is like sowing seeds for collagen and connective tissue cells. Several days after injection, the filling effect disappears but then within 2-3 weeks, the growth and volumizing occurs gradually. Rejuvenation of the skin surface happens during this time and the treatment is repeated as necessary.

This treatment is especially effective for nasolabial folds, hollows under the eyes and areas with contour deformities or anywhere that needs increase in volume. This is frequently used in conjunction with Botox to correct stubborn lines and creases. There is no need for allergy testing prior to treatment.

Dr. Dagan has vast experience and has been a clinical trainer instructing other physicians in the field on the correct and diverse application of various injectibles.

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